Welcome to the official HP of Yufukan Ukraine - Kyiv Aikido and Martial Arts Federation in Ukraine. This organization is the official representative of Yufukan Japan Foundation (YJF)

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2nd International Aikido workshop
with Koji Yoshida shihan
in Takaoka / Japan
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Seminar 2024

International Aikido seminar in Spain
Date 19-21/07, City Bilbao
This event will be hosted by Club Aikido Kenkido Horizontes Sestao (Yufukan Spain)
Website: https://yufukan.org/
International Aikido seminar in Hungary
Date 14-15/09, City Budapest
This event will be hosted by Yurusu Aikido Dojo (Yufukan Hungary)
Website: http://www.yufukan.hu/

Dan Aikido Aikikai grading examination in Ukraine

The examination will be planning to hold in Lviv dojo (04/2024).

Upcoming events 2024  

International Aikido seminar in Gorlitz (Germany)
International Aikido seminar in Pardubice (Czech Republic)

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